Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Got me through a croc hole

I was sitting on the stooled stool feeding bread when a Polish Scruff decided I was Soylent Chicken Food and pecked me through a croc hole. She hit through a spot on the top part of my foot and in its defence the pink hue of my foot probably was worthy of a "food?!"attempt where a chicken pecks anything to see if it is something it will eat and will then eat it unless actively stopped like me, the victim, yelling "I AM NOT FOOD".

That I am saying that to chickens where chicken meat is a mainstay of our protein is not lost on me. Not that we'd eat any of these when they die; they will go the way of all dead backyard chickens—plastic bag tied off and in the bin.

Maybe it was a one off  "food?!" and it won't happen again? If it does then I'll have to disguise them in socks. 

Yes, socks in crocs. It may come to that.

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