Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Fell into the hamper

I have a waist-high plastic clothes hamper that sits by my clothes cupboard door. Earlier this morning, in the pitch of black, as I headed for the toilet I fell into the hamper. Not head first but stomach first, I actually landed on it horizontal with stomach down and it collapsed in on itself .

There were sleepy questions asking if I was okay and though still half-asleep I feebly said yes as I pried myself out of the collapsed hamper and rolled onto the floor.

This morning I saw the damage and the hamper is a sorry shadow of itself. The rim is cracked and the plastic grill of the hamper has snapped in multiple places. It will still function as a hamper, just not as well. 

Because I fell into it, stomach first, in the black of early morn.

That poor fucker never had a chance.

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