Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Feel like a super dick

I sent off an email with what I thought were well-written words only to find a word used wrongly and sent a correction.

Then ... then I found another and had to send a second correction. 

I got swallowed by failure and took Valium for the first time in four days. Part of me wants to follow up with an apology call but logic me knows that may compound it.

I lived and breathed this for nearly 20 years and mistakes happen. But I do it rarely enough now that when I do, and I fuck up, I feel that fuck up with burning intensity.

For fuck's sake, read aloud before you send things. It's so simple to do and I forgot to do it.

Now I wallow in failure, wallow in it. Here's hoping I can summon logic to say "what's done is done; move on".

UPDATE: The Valium put me to sleep. After I woke I saw something that changed things even more so I had to suck it up and send yet another email. Lucky I had that Valium; I would have needed it after that. With this third error it was was "meh" with the understanding that if I lost rep for multi-errors then all I have to blame is myself.

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