Sunday, February 11, 2018

Double hosing

I know this sounds sexy but it's super not. I had to wash chicken poo from the patio as we'd let them out for the afternoon. Since it was near dusk I needed to do it now by light of dying day. So with the nozzle on flat setting I draped the hose over my shoulder and down to foot level and swung it back and forth like a censer. 

That got the poo off. 

The chicks were still out though and they'd sully my efforts if they stayed out. I re-set it to shower setting and then with a decent spray herded them around the climbing tree and to near the pen. Only one recalcitrant split off and she was assisted to rejoin by some jet-action until the shower setting could get her and the rest into the enclosure itself.

I did shoot the gray silkie in the bum with the jet nozzle setting applied; it was guiding fire not aimed. The intent was to miss and make her see the stream as a no-go-zone and go the other direction.

But I did feel bad she copped one right in the tush..

Still, they're in and it was via a double hosing; first for poo and then for the poo-makers. 

Safely away in the pen and later I'll make sure they're in the hutch then close the door. By then the gray one will have dried off. 

They had some quality time in the grass; it's just a shame about the watery scare at the end.

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