Monday, February 05, 2018

Cold spaghetti ... it's people!

When you have backyard chickens you view life through a different prism. And that prism is "will my chickens eat that?"

I am not working and spend time hanging out with them and I'm always feeding treats like seeds and bread. 

And, of course, where applicable, leftovers.

I opened the bin to see a fuckload of cold spaghetti from last night and experimented with a chunk to see if it was on and surely proved the case; all good chickens deserve cold spaghetti. 

I grabbed the rest from the bin and plopped it in a bowl to cut up for ease of delivery and saw a chunk of something not spaghetti clinging to the pasta.

It was a piece of chicken from a Red Rooster meal we nearly finished three days ago.

I had come a tiny bit close to putting my chickens in a Soylent Green moment.

I'm aware that the spaghetti has been in contact with chicken flesh, but really, when you think about it then it's like a mob hit in an Italian restaurant and the assassins flee with the remains of the deceaseds' repast.

"I'd like all this to go please" (click, clack); cut to scene of back door opening and them running out with guns and a foil swan.

Perfectly legitimate.

UPDATE: Just hit the brown bantam with a lump of it.  I didn't mean to and she was not impressed and ran away for a bit before returning to eat it along with the others. I'd be pissed off too. It'd be like me being hit in the head with a cake, flinching then eating the cake. 

You'd have to be in a specific set of circumstances to experience that without damage.

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