Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sex paddock

Two of our nine chicks were confirmed as boys and got taken back to the place from whence they came. They will live out their lives in a paddock protected by an electric fence where they will be called on to have sex with hens.

It's a rich libertine life for male chicken; to not be eaten and to live out your life fucking and rooting around in a paddock.

When I was a kid my parents took our cat "to live on a farm" and my mother stayed committed to that bit until she went full-blown dementia and I could never nail down the truth. The truth was the cat was my cat, it was an outside cat that lived at the house as a semi-feral when we moved in, and even though one leg was crippled she was capable enough to take down birds. So good-bye cat and "off to the farm".

These male chicks went off to the farm but it's fully legit; not a dystopian fallacy where paradise is actually a knife and a drum of hot water to boil off your feathers. The now-over-sized rooster we'd given back before was still there, strutting about the sex paddock and living an Eloi life with no Morlocks to worry about. Now two scruffs will join him.

The sex paddock; the best ending you can get for being a rooster.

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