Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Because of course they did

I did some Chicken Jezus action from the four-legged eight-holed stool that I use when feeding the chickens. 

Only I left the stool in the pen for two hours. 

So they shat on it. Only a bit, but enough to leave a faint hint o'thebrown even after a spray and wipe chemical effort.

The stool is forever tainted with stool; a tiny tinge of shit but a tinge so small and non-effective that it's like the radiation shadow of an object left behind rather than the actual shit itself. So it's safe to sit on but still, you have to recognise within yourself, that stain is from shit. And you're sitting on it. 

It's my fail; I should have realised. Chickens use high places to observe, for dominance and to shit on and from. I'm sure they did all of that for those forlorn hours I left that innocent stool with them.

Chickens; if you have them then prepare for the shit.

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