Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A happy sanity check

I am mentally ill and mentally injured. I have to be reminded this by thewife on occasion when I say things that may not be anchored in reality or attempt things that may seem a reach.

I've been immersed in stressful work and had to confirm it was not for nought. 

It wasn't; it's not. It's not for nought. 

I judder-cried at the response; that it wasn't for nothing. That this delving into dark might bring forth the light.

I had to take Valium for the weird uncertainty of angerhappysad. My right arm cradles my left shoulder when I'm in a deeply anxious state and in a pause of typing up my arm went. 

So it's battle anthem time and an acknowledgement that in an insane world it's the insane that attempt for sanity.


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