Saturday, January 06, 2018

Wet surprise

I was bending down to inset a fresh tub of water for the chicks to paddle in when I felt it; cold, wet liquid running down my crack. But it wasn't from within but without. 

It was the garden tap I had just used; I had not turned it off properly. And that's how it came to be that cold water dripped through my butt as I bent over in front of it to put the tub in.

I didn't know what to think in the initial moment; I was flustered. Much like the chickens outside who are pissed off at me for whatever reason. They always are; every time the grey one stares at me she seems mad.

They were PJ pants, the thinnest of pants. All else that sopped it was undies. 

Not cool, garden tap, not cool. Well, actually, it was cool—temperature wise—but not intent wise. If, that is, objects have malign intent. I'm an atheist but sometimes even I think they have it in for me.

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