Saturday, January 06, 2018

On the death of a snowman

In this case it was a solar LED infused semi-transparent glass globe snowman with the traditional top hat. It went on a stand and glowed at night. It was balanced on a chair during pack up but it smashed to the ground.

theboy had an over the top reaction—"I HATE YOU, YOU RUINED CHRISTMAS!"—then gleefully announced "Acting!" and exited stage inside-the-house.

The death of a snowman is normal in the normal snowy world; springtime comes and the snow goes. In Oz we pathetically add louche touches of "cold" to our boiling hot summertime Christmas which includes putting fake frost triangles in the corners of windows. 

We have a range of celebratory Xmas tat that we put up and proudly exalt in 'spite the fact we're staunch anti-theists. For us it's a cultural thing; I dropped any active religious observance years ago and now refuse to go into a church.

But all the fun stuff of Xmas, such as frost, snow and ice as accepted decorations 'spite the season and searing heat that is for us and it was sad to see our top-hatted snowman dead—since were it not for the smash it was for us forever. It came from a set of three. I made sure to check the survivors to see which one it was that died then slagged the dead one off to help smooth feelings over loss; "Don't worry, it was just the fuckhead in the top hat". 

It did not work. I think I need work on my loss news skillz.

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