Thursday, January 11, 2018

Nothing sneaky about Senator Feinstein

Trump, I still find it hard to preface his name with the word "President", just had a go at Senator Dianne Feinstein because of her releasing testimony from Fusion GPS (the research service that created the infamous pee pee dossier) that makes Trump look as guilty as he almost certainly is.

As part of that "having a go" he called her "sneaky".

Now I presumed Trump being Trump and in spite of him having a daughter who converted to Judaism was basically using a "Jews are sneaky" canard against Senator Feinstein.

I was curious to see if she was even Jewish—and she is—but even if she wasn't she sounds Jewish and that's all Trump needed to know to add the term sneaky. Oh those Jews, with their education and learning—and their occasionally being forced to convert to the Russian Orthodox faith which is what happened on Feinstein's maternal side.

There is nothing sneaky about Senator Dianne Feinstein. I read her wiki; she spent her entire life fighting for people she does not know and to improve her community. She is an exemplar of a positive politician who got into the game to fix shit that was broken and to make the world a better place. Someone even tried to kill her with a bomb at one point in her earlier career. 

And she's 84 for fuck's sake. She is an 84-year-old woman fighting for people in the Senate. She is entitled to walk off and enjoy the elder part of her life but she's rusted on because she is committed to serve. 

I dislike the GOP members who are pale, aged and male and spent decades in their slot denying people a chance to improve their starting condition. But on the flip side there's Senator Feinstein, their polar opposite. Same long service but fighting them the entire way.

(Fist raised for Senator Feinstein)

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