Sunday, January 07, 2018

I did stop

It turns out I was buying Pringles more for the chickens than me. There are two full un-popped tubes on the counter and two half-popped ones. 

After the mass death of the adult chickens feeding the two survivors just wasn't the same—and they didn't seem to enjoy them either. I tried to feed some to them from the pre-popped tubes but took a bite first and noted they were stale—in spite of the tube being sealed with the cap (but not the freshness tamper proof seal intact).

So I popped and I did stop all contrary to the claims by Pringles and any associated industries. I proved them wrong. 

Now to throw out the dead Pringles—to the bin, not to the chooks. Even they said no.

Of course had I fed them before they went stale I'm sure they'd be all on in that Pringles shit.

So it's a note to future self. If you pop it then you must not stop or they will go off (eventually). 

To the binotorium!

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