Friday, January 05, 2018

Bee heart fail

I was looking out the window when I saw a bee clinging to the underside of a branch. Then it fell off the branch. It didn't fly—it dropped—like it had died of a bee heart attack.

But I wasn't up to getting to the place to where the presumed dead bee lay and just have to assume (because I cannot base it on anything else) that the bee just died of a heart attack—if that is a likely cause of bee death. I've not bothered to Google for bee deaths by heart attack but I am sure there would be some interesting findings. 

That Internet.

Black swan moment
I saw one on my ride around the lake. It was paddling in a concrete pond catchment storm drain entry point to the lake itself. It seemed happy, that black swan. I wonder why they get such a bad rap?

Successful cheeriness with local man
I went to my local open every day place where I outed myself as having PTSD and I exchanged greetings with the owner again. This time it was fine—I actually did a "great, how are you?". I'm not super fine but it meant that moment passed quick then we got back to ignoring each other as I looked for treats for my sweets. 

Felt wiggy as all fuck then realised why
Though thewife has literally written letters AM under the word Morning on the morning / evening pill box I still munged the wrong pills. Why? Because morning was facing backward and instead of actually looked at words and letters just gobbled the first ones in line (the evening ones). 

As I rode off to the shops the med failure had kicked in—though I took them on discovery of the fuck up late afternoon they take a while to kick in themselves—and it was a bit of a wonky ride as my sense of balance was well fucked with. 

I literally have just the one job in the morning at the moment and that's to take my morning pills.

And I took the evening ones instead.

What a fail

It also probably explains the angry shouting on an a bike ride earlier. There was much swearing and cursing at ghosts.

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