Sunday, December 31, 2017

That's prepared

We had eight crackers for four on Xmas day and one of my cracker items was a moustache comb.

So I slotted it in the inside of my iPhone cover for those facial lip grooming emergencies. It's yet to happen but I have the satisfaction of being prepared.

And to think I got kicked out of Scouts; dib, dib, dib, sob, sob sob.

UPDATE: I used it. Only thanks to my jittery hands I had a hell of a time getting the moustache comb out of the clear plastic pocket on the inside of the cover. I even ripped the back lining getting it out. I used it then slotted it in the sliver pocket above the clear plastic one. Typical; I prepare for a situation only to then make it extra tricky given my fucked-up coordination. It's like I set a trap for future me; "Fool! You've food in your moustache and someone important comes?! Try getting it out now!"

Not cool, past Mikey, not cool. 

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