Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Adios, cowboy

It seems at time of writing Roy Moore lost the senate race in Alabama to Doug Jones from the Democratic party. Moore, accused of serial annoyance of hot girls at the mall and worse, wore a cowboy outfit at most public engagements and pulled out his weapon of choice a number of times to show off his love for "number two" and that "number one" only applied to Christians and then only when they said so (gays, slaves, burying talents etc.).

I believe Jones got 56 per cent of all women and the black turnout was big, with the Mighty O coming out to support Jones in his race to not be a child molester in the senate. And I know Al Franken rightly fell on his sword for less but let's not forget the whole Dennis Hastert business who was after retirement as Speaker of the House was outed as having molested boys whilst a wrestling coach; a cliched molestation if there ever is one—one of many grown men manipulating young bodies who manipulated their way into the education system in order to manipulate those bodies. 

I had a big talk with theboy about my experience of being physically assaulted by teachers and molested by that school's recommended psychologist; that that sort of crap would never happen to him because of the sea change in how we teach children since I was in school. 

But I added that the horror of X led to the happy of Y (such as him) and that I wouldn't change my life, my body, even if I could if that meant no him. Then he wished I could port my consciousness into a proper healthy body that was the height it should have been; one with proper feet, proper manly knees and hips and masculine fingers which had to be long and ideally calloused from years of hard yakka.

My hands have fingers that are short and that have trouble grasping objects, made worse by injury and medication, are lily white and there are no manly callouses at all. Even at the tips of my writing fingersme being a relatively fast (though error prone) two-finger typer with a loud finger fall that sounds like I am angry at my keyboard or whatever I am writing about—remain callous free.

That happens, the angry writing, but it sounds the same as normal writing—the only real difference is that when typing angry I look like I am doing a stressful poo.

Anyway it's a good result; and a decent rebuke to Trump. Especially given the US is a voluntary voting system with conditions ideal for turnout if you are middle-class or higher and white and can take time from your job or retirement to go out on a work day to do that; they don't even make it a public holiday. 

If they did then more poor people and people of colour would vote because they're the ones in the shittiest of the jobs where taking up to six hours to vote means loss of critical income. 

I'm glad Moore got bounced; he ws the most Trumpy candidate the GOP could vomit up that's not already named Trump and he got bounced from a senate seat that until he was the runner was considered a "never lose" for the GOP. 

But that he got that close at all shows the partisan divide and the willingness of the right wing in the US to suspend norms of government solely to get their own way as they did with the Gorsuch Supreme Court seat. 

The US is a deeply complicated place; it threw up Trump into office, a man whose only experience of government was in usurping, bending and twisting it in his effort to stay rich and live in his palace of gold. It did that because of its arguably archaic Electoral College system skewed white through flyover country. 

It's similar here in Oz—the smaller States have 12 Senators the same as the large whilst the Territories just have two each—despite populations comparable to Tasmania with the full 12. It was part of the deal for Federation that bound the colonies together so a big state couldn't swamp a little one in the house of review. It's given us our fair share of eccentrics, many of which could compete with Moore in the crazy stakes (though as of now none are suspected offenders against children). 

I don't like it but then I live in Canberra and suffer from the disparity of power. We're the ones who know government best but we're literally dudded in terms of our input into government. 

The US got a reprieve and more GOP will be willing to front Trump from now on because he has shown himself for what he is; a predator who tried to help a like-minded villain ascend to an office of power and influence and who openly derided the plausible and well-researched stories of those women, once girls, who experienced the Moore in the privacy of his own lechery and predation. 

But then he had no other choice; if he'd agreed with people like his daughter then he'd be saying the women with the plausible and well-researched stories of their own pawing at the hands of himself should be weighted with the same dignity. 

History is catching up with Trump; all the chicanery he's pulled within limit of statutes will be unearthed by the Justice League team assembled by the ex-head of the FBI, many of whom dropped six or seven figure salaries to return to government once last time. In order, I suspect, to fix the mistake that ultimately led to Trump's election with the former Director's 2016 investigating playing merry hell on Hillary Clinton's chances after early polls had opened. 

I do hope that in this world actual justice will happen; that he will be at last held accountable for his life of being a gilded turd with bad hair plugs.

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