Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What it is to be a person

I've been reflecting of late on my childhood and the manly aspects of it where I was sent to a place that triumphed its ability to turn boys into men. Fortunately that institution is now co-ed but I expect it still suffers from its own idea of what a man should be and what they should not.

Should have: body that works, be average height or better with an athletic build.

Should be taught: boys who are not that are scum and not manly. 

Now imagine the first is X and they are taught that Y is bad. Then imagine being that Y in an institution built for X.

Their idea was warped at the beginning; that there are characteristics of being a man that exist because of your genitals which include the ability to throw, run, bully and a paternalistic notion of manners towards ladies that implied they were less capable just because they had tits and no cock.

In fact it was a crock---the whole mess of it and their idea of manliness. They should have taught what it means to be a person not a man. That you treat others with respect and you don't sneer down on people or hang shit on those whose bodies are not like yours.

To be a Y in a place that worshiped X did a number on my head. And it took until 40 to realise that X was not important; that it's how you treat people irrespective of what they are, what shape they have and the gender and sexual identity they possess.

I was taught X was good and Y was bad and as a Y I was held up to the X as an example of not to be a Y.

Private all boys schools are warped environments that teach crippling ideas. Specifically that if you packed a penis then it was your fault if you were not an X and as such you were fit for abuse.

I didn't choose my body; my mother did. Then the both of them hung shit on me for being a Y and then sent me to a place where Y was held up as a metric for X so they didn't become the dreaded Y.

What a fucked up bunch of fuckheads and their school for creating the next generation of fuckheads who think being a man means X when they forget that first and foremost they are a person and that means you treat people as a person---even if they are a Y and or have genitals not the same as yours. 

If you send your child to such a place then know this; they are being damaged even if they are an X because they are taught to be cruel and that this cruelty is deserved.

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