Wednesday, September 06, 2017

New cushion

thewife saw my sad melange of newspaper, a sheet of A4 paper and stained cushion and got me a new cushion for the seat in the shed. 

I have tried a bathmat as the protective cover but I had to double it up and its leathery tendrils drill uncomfortably into my bum. 

So I'll try a towel.

It was a bit sad seeing that sight of seating bedlam but I just wasn't that fussed. Though I confess when removing the layer cake of seating I saw upon the newspaper a dab of "the brown" and it both repelled me and confirmed the wisdom of papering over against the risk of future that happening again. 

Which it did. 

I had a doctor's meeting where I had to confirm that IBS is limiting a factor in my life. But at least I have a new cushion and I will swap out this bathmat of not comfort for a towel of comfort yes.


UPDATE: I found a plain tea-towel with a weird blue stain like it had been used to mop up a smurf. So it's battle-damaged already and thus can be my protective sheathe against the occasional "adult" accident. 

I put "adult" in scare quotes to sound tough but I'm not; I'm a cuddly softie—and I do like to giggle  

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