Friday, September 01, 2017

Chicken wrangling

The gate to the pen was open enough for the chickens to get out; I discovered this when having a coffee and looking out the window and saw two of the browns pecking their way through the green of the garden.

All five were out and when they saw me coming they clustered under the lower limbs of the hiding tree where I could not reach them.

The broom could though and I waved it about under the tree to goose them loose and direct them into the fenced off area near the washing line.

I can't bend with ease and I am still recovering from the mystery fall that bunged my right knee. I'm also heavyset. So the only successful way to grab them was a semi-squat like a sumo wrestler to get my tum out of the way. There was a lot of awkward movement and my body was bearing my weight on my knees as I tried to lock on.

I think it was about two minutes of bending and puffery and I was knackered and pain-wracked afterward. But I got them all back in.

Naturally they shat over the brick and concrete paths; but if you had a choice to shit somewhere different wouldn't you?

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