Monday, September 11, 2017

A sundering battle anthem

"Hey Hey Bad News" by Bad News.

Fun memory—listening to this on CD in my room as an adult (i.e. 18) with my older brother, therefore also an adult, and having my dad burst in screaming non-profanity laced invective at our fouling his house with such foul music and my brother having to talk him down from his anger attack by explaining the principles of musical satire. 

My brother was studying musicology at the time—hence the technical talk—but given he was the same height as my dad that was what soothed his ire. If it had just been me alone when he burst in he'd likely have throttled me. Yet another moment where my older brother had to physically step in to stop me being thugged over.

So, not a fun memory; a fucked one. They mostly are. When you get to be a parent that's when you go "what the fuck was that all about?!" when you rethink your childhood.

I guess we take what works from what they did and fuck what didn't right in its ear hole.

Ooh, that's just nasty.

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