Thursday, August 10, 2017

Told off

I got caught picking at my face by my son and he told me off. So I left the room and hid near the wardrobe to pick there. It took a manifest summoning of will to stop, get the cream and put it on. 

After I had a shower, as soon as the wound was dry, I doused it with cream. 

I can go a few hours without touching then I'm at it again. I hate it and I hate that my brain is yelling at me to rip the interloper from my face even though it's part of me.

It's yet another expression of my many qualities that make me somewhat not as normal.

That's a good thing; the things I've done as a not-normal I could not have done otherwise.

(Fist raised for the not-normal).

I could just do with less of the facial self-savaging.

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