Friday, August 04, 2017

I scare cats

I don't mean to---and they haven't done anything wrong---but my habit of falling into angry oratory V fuckwits in my life-wake causes them stress. They're typically in a lovely cat spot for an extended lie then I come in ranting and they perk up with worry in case they think I'm angry with them. Sometimes I'll catch myself and I'll turn mid-sentence from all caps shrieking to "... oh not you, sweetheart. I'm not mad at you."

Which undercuts the oratory. 

I know I shouldn’t do it anyway because I can shout myself into a full-blown anger anxiety attack and all the dross that comes with it.

I'll try less cat scaring self talk and go to library mode. Not speak unless I need to.

Now to find a beanbag and read Asterix books.

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