Thursday, August 03, 2017

BYB back on no battery

It was raining when I left the movies having seen Dunkirk---an unwise decision for someone with PTSD but I stuck it out with hands over ears for the loud bits---and so had to ride the BYB without electric-assist. For in the wet you have to turn it all off due to the system not being waterproof and electric.

It was a thigh-busting ride in a decent spray of rain, a brutal laboured slog with more than one pause to catch a breather. The bike is so fucking heavy and with a heavy man on top but I have muscled legs in spite of a gut and there were no points I had to get off and push. But I did go down to the easiest gear on the slightest of hills to max my chance of success.

I was stiff-legged when I made it home and tomorrow my upper legs will whine with afterglow of uber exertion.

In my smaller world I set myself daily missions. The first was to leave the house and go see a movie. The second turned out to be staying through the movie given the high def sound of heavy machine gun fire. The third was getting the bike home without battery assist.

The first spawned the others but it was mission accomplished all round. But I will not make a habit of riding outside on rainy days because holy snapping duckshit that was epic hard on a not fun body.

The Mikey experience; if I was a game I'd be rated one star.

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