Thursday, June 01, 2017

Necklace of missiles---type II

Nearly creamed self on an another lamppost (2d6)
I went off the path in an overshoot and just missed a smack into a lamppost. Am I drawn to them as a moth to a flame? Or is this just a natural cluster of near lampposting which happens to all cyclists?

I once rode into a bike path divider---hit it centre on with the front tyre and bounced back.

Maybe I'm just shit at riding bikes?

I'm my own Rank Organisation (2d6)
The movie company The Rank Organisation features a man striking a large gong. The pedal bin lid when it hits the oven sounds like the Rank d-o-o-i-i-n-g gong noise. I loved the Rank film-logo; I'd hope it meant it was Bugsy Malone.

Black cat collared (4d6)
After several escapes outside the black cat has a collar. I'm not used to it; it makes me feel old because now she looks like a proper cat and no longer a kitten. Stupid getting older.

Dogs V cats (4d6)
I got asked if I liked both, and I do, but confessed I liked cats more. Why? The bending. With a dog you're looking at multiple bending incidents a day; the lead, patting, bowls, literally picking up their shit. Cats? Maybe a bend, once a day, if needed. As a man who cannot bend with ease and for who squatting is a shrieking nightmare then it's clear cats are a winner for the unphysically inclined. Of course I don't have litter patrol---because of the bending---and cat litter duty is the worst part of cat duty.

Heh, I said "duty".

Sore (6d6)
I'm sore all over. It's just is what it is which is my body. I used to hate it until I realised it was self-defeating and dumb. I do what I can within the limits of what I can do and I can do far more than most people who cannot do much. Perspective is important. 

I get mad at the past for treating me ill then sigh and remember this is now; perspective!


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