Saturday, June 03, 2017

Doorknockers evaded

There were a pair of them; they'd come through the gate that is almost always locked. 

I was in the shed and the new placement of the desk affords a concealed look through the small bird bush to the gate and door of the house.

One of them was looking at me but I didn't know if she could actually see me given the small bird bush. So I kept my head still and watched as she watched and eventually they went away.

It's a typical universe thing to throw at you; doorknockers to come just when you have the lock off. But my shed-based concealment and willingness to suspend embarrassment at potentially staring a stranger in the face with none of that concealment business having worked saved the day. I did not have to appear and I did not have to converse with randos. 

Don't get me wrong; randos are important. It's just I don't like people coming into my yard to kindly shake me down for cash.

It could have been worse; it could have been frozen peas lady who once drunkenly knocked on our door to badger us for a loan of some peas (frozen). But she died or she was hustled on from squatting in the dead alcoholic's house. We've not seen her again. 

I also remember that time in a storm she came around and asked I could go up on her roof and fix her TV aerial; I wouldn't (and couldn't) even do that for us—and I'm me!

Anyway, the shed. I can see out but they can't see in (in theory; I'm going to test it now). But the whole doorknocker business is another reminder that if you don't want randos invading your yard then lock the yard.

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