Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sullied, cats and the dead Pringle

I'd put on a tight blue shirt, not that tight, but it was nice. My nose was dripping though and I looked down to see a fat dribble of snot had soiled it. Total wearing time < 30 seconds.

I think that's a record.

Sneaky cat
I heard the distant light clunk of the screen door close and knowing I was the only one home I investigated. The black cat was out and under the BYB. I grabbed her and hustled her back in. The door should close shut but it doesn't and the cat takes advantage of that. Sneaky fucker. 

Outside cats do not live long in Canberra. 

Dead Pringle
I had occasion to prong my second ever Pringle from a tree. I'd left it there from a previous Pringle throw but it had lodged in the leaves and not come down. Unlike last time I went "meh" and decided to let nature (i.e. the wind) bring it down for me.

Two days later I saw it had not. There was a piece of old fencing so I used that to prong the Pringle down. In its 48 hour seclusion in the tree the Pringle had curled in on itself, like a dropped leaf, the ends almost touching. Down it fell and the delighted trio of browns fell upon it and wrested shards of curled Pringle back and forth until gobbled. It was exciting for them and perhaps because it fell from heaven I am now their gawd. 

Not the gawd; a gawd. A chicken gawd. 

Here endeth the lesson.  

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