Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lost with a hint of near dual-lane mash

I got lost on the BYB when retracing my route, only discovering so when the bike path ended in the middle of a long stretch of dual-lane.  As I crossed the road a car had to slow and tooted. It was fair enough; if he'd not slowed he'd have clipped me and sent a fat hairy whirlwind of flesh, rubber and steel into oncoming traffic. 

I retraced my pedals and found the under pass I had passed and went back through.

Each day I try to ride somewhere new and getting lost is just part of the fun. Besides you're never really lost if you have active Apple Maps.

But less of the near creaming of me risks taken next time. I love me and I don't want me further damaged. Not after getting the bliss of mobility back.

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