Tuesday, May 02, 2017

A Galaxy Quest moment

I was aboard the BYB and had stopped dead at the base of an arched overpass when I attempted to ride forward. The slope was steep enough that the bike slid backward if the brake was not on.

I'm not meant to rise in the saddle---my right hip is degraded and rising in the saddle also sends stress into the bike chain---but I had to grind down with as much force as I could to turn the pedal to avoid a backwards slide into a car-blocking plinth.

I needed something to get me through and that's when out it came; "Never give up! Never surrender!"

It worked, too. The pedal turned and I had enough momentum to keep turning.

Next time I may have to try chanting the Mak'Tar chant of strength.

UPDATE: I went to ride and got about 10 metres out when I discovered the flat tyre. I was worried I'd popped it during my GQ moment but it turned out to have been a thumbtack.

It's 2017; who the fuck still uses thumbtacks?

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