Monday, April 03, 2017

Various things

BYB is grouse
Apart from the gears not quite gripping if you stop pedaling in third the BYB is going great guns.  I took theboy to school in the back cargo basket and we zoomed along. His weight makes the ride more stable. Later I took it for a ride up paths in the hills then enjoyed speeding down said hills---something I have not done in a decade or more. You get up a sweat and it can be grueling on hills but so far I've not had to rise in the saddle---something I cannot do with a decaying right hip.

I've gone from limited mobility to lots and it's most awesome---the to school ride was a peak experience.

The challenge 
It was Sunday and I laid down a challenge of sing talking until thewife got home. A beat after accepting the challenge he yelled, and not sing talking it, "I'M OUT!" ala Kramer in the masturbation challenge in Seinfeld. I laughed long and loud.

Rattled awake
I was on deck in the morning and got woken up by a rapid series of taps. It was startling. "You're supposed to be looking after me." I'd set an alarm but was brutally woken 38 minutes early. Afterwards I had to wait for my cleaned pajamas to dry before heading back to sleep for two hours at noon. I dreamed about Hemingway. 

It was quite the day.

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