Friday, April 07, 2017

Pocket litter

I ate an eyelash
It fell into my cereal. It was either eat it or fish it out. I don't have the dexterity to fossick for follicles so I ate it. But I swallowed it without biting so I don't know what it tastes like. Chicken hair?

Killed the chain on the BYB
The chain kept slipping off and eventually snapped. I had the bike on its side then back up multiple times in attempting to get the chain on but failed. Then the snapping happened. I was frustrated and had a light yell but then got over it. At least the electric motor still worked and I was able to get back home. The BYB is so much more fun than riding an exercise bike; that's pure drudgery.

Hooray for capability gain! Boo for capability loss.

I played Lego
I helped build a kewl base for criminals who reused blocks from a police station set. Now that's sticking it to the (plastic) man!

In our house the police are the "p'po".

Trump gives me the dumps
The whole Trump thing makes me sad. Each day when I wake I hope I'll swipe on to see he's resigned. The job is beyond him; he's had his fun winning office but he doesn't seem to be enjoying the doing part---and neither is anyone else enjoying his doing. He either doesn't do it right or doesn't do it at all. 

My suspicions were aroused of his lackadaisical attitude to actual governance by the solicitation by Trump from Fabio on the romance novel portrait model's view who would make a good Secretary of State.

And that happened before he took office; before!

This wrong trouser of time sucks hairy balls. Hey, if balls are your thing then go (those) nuts; but I am presuming it's the hair that's the core of the issue what with pubes itching at the uvula.

Trump's presidency is big hairy ball sucking for everyone; everyone---even him.

And I am betting his nasty manky man carpet in no way matches the gilded, combed over drapes.

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