Saturday, April 08, 2017

BYB de-rezzed

I de-rezzed it by snapping the chain again. This after having had the chain come off five times. 

But, after it snapped, the electric motor still worked and I zipped along at a tasty clip and thrilled at the journey. I got more shout outs from people I passed who were excited to see the BYB.

And why not? It's most exciting. 

Hopefully the BYB will be re-rezzed and off I'll go at a tasty clip. At one point I got about a kay and a bit before the chain came off and it was a glorious kay and a bit; heart pumping, legs pumping, wind thumping. 

The BYB will be back and I will get the fuck back on it.

My mother was confined to a scooter—never a trolley—for the last decade plus of her life. But it had a decent speed to it. She scared people when she was in the old arcade, which had a down slope about a 120 metres long with a light dog leg, as she'd fire down there at max speed as she barked "coming through" in clipped British.

I get the appeal. To go from no legs to mobility, even if artificial, is sensuous; you delight in experiences you'd thought lost. Riding a bike in the open air on a nice day is insanely great. And now I've tasted it I want it again and again and again.

All those years of tormented bike riding in a shed muscled up my legs for getting mobility back with the BYB. I'll still use the exercise bike on those days I can't ride or when the BYB is out of action. But if the weather is clement and the BYB is free then the BYB for exercise it will be.

Outdoor cycling; after near twenty years of not doing it I'm back and this time with electro-mechanical assist.

Technology enhancing quality of life for the win.

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