Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Born to be mild

I took the BYB out for a ride---wearing tracksuits pants and thus using them for actual exercise.

I went along the paths I used to tread years before when I walked for exercise before shredding my hip ... from walking for exercise.

I know; what a fucked thing.

But there I was on paths trod before and instead of painful walking I was zipping along on the bike in comfort and blissed out on the rush of wind on my face. I ended up at the top part of the suburb then onto a bike path for the shops, cruising at 30 kph from the slope and gentle terrain. 

That's when the gear chain slipped off.

The electro-mechanical chain was still on and still got to the shops. Then after shopping I crouched low to fix the chain. The squatting was deeply awful and my tremble-hands added to the challenge but I was able to actually do it---me with minimal dexterity and agility both.

With glee I glided home, with downhill taking me a third of the way without power or pedal applied.

Later the gear chain slipped again and a tradie with his two kids stopped to give me a hand, dropping to his stomach on the ground to get at the problem.

I took theboy for a ride to a playground for spaceships and aliens then zipped home again. A couple of kids were encountered there and back who called out love for the BYB.

In every computer game I've played having a power or item that gave you speed was always a prime desire; speed gives you an edge and in combat games is a force-multiplier. 

I force-multiplied my life with the BYB.


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