Saturday, April 01, 2017

Big Yellow Bike stacked

It was on the second shakedown cruise of the Big Yellow Bike, for I have named it thus as opposed to just describing it, that the stack happened. I tried to take a turn at an angle from a car-carved road through grass and there was a contributing divot twixt grass and pavement. I had all but stopped when the toppling happened and it was slow enough that I could consciously enjoy the trip but physics was such I could not do a thing about it.

I scraped my palm heels and tumbled over onto dirt, rock and green but apart from numbness in my left hand and a sore shoulder I was okay. The bike basket got dented, the clip on never-used solar bike light snapped off and my warning bell split into its component parts and I had to work out how to put it back together. The BYB got scuffed up as well.

Lucky I got the helmet because I could have had it a lot worse.

But that's the purpose of the shakedown; to test how far you can push a piece of kit and push yourself pushing it.

I got sweaty and my heart sang as I flitted through the cool of a nice afternoon.

Mobility enhancement for the win.

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