Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Anchorman sadness

We've been introducing comedy movies we love to theboy. On Sunday I showed him Anchorman.

He loved it---right up to the part where Baxter the dog gets punted off the bridge

He cried for the rest of the movie. I told him Baxter was okay and returns to save the day but he was on a jag and couldn't help himself. He still found the movie hilarious---he loved Brick the most---but he'd be laughing, stop, then cry again.

I have PTSD. The sound of a child crying is a reaction trigger.

But I was committed to the movie and him seeing it so I steeled myself through it and experienced the almost same journey of happy--sad--happy--sad.

That's life with a psychological injury; life still happens and you have to deal with its impact on your injury.

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