Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Trump's delusions are frightening

Trump did a bunch of executive action bizness for bizness to stand against climate change realist bullies who have hurt the miners. He held his "let's kill the air!" celebration at the EPA.

This is my fave part:

“We’re going to have clean coal. Really clean coal,” Trump added. “Together we will create millions of good American jobs, also so many energy jobs, and really lead to unbelievable prosperity.”

Millions of jobs ... unbelievable prosperity.

There are about 80 000 coal miners in the US (174k jobs in total including transport and power plants) and clean energy manufacture has a workforce of four million and more and its tech enhances prosperity.

The only way you could consider coal as the go to energy security source for the US, with all the damage it does and its minuscule workforce compared to the benefits of clean energy, is if you were a fuckwit.

That he worshiped coal in the EPA, whose remit is to retard pollution in all its forms, is just magnificent---like yelling "God is dead!" In St Peter's basilica.

Trump's delusions crimp the world; he is literally reducing quality and quantity of life and lives with his fuckwittery.

Probs save us all.

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