Saturday, March 18, 2017

Skyfire (equals) no fire

It's Skyfire here in the nation's capital, the annual firework extravaganza that cracks off over Lake Burley Griffin. I'm not sure if I have ever been—I have a vague memory of going  once—but as for 2017 that's an industrial strength Neddy No. 

I have PTSD and for me noise and crowds are a problem; add fireworks to that and I'd be like a scared toy dog unsecured in a porous backyard—I'd bolt to anywhere not near that and be found later across the border at the RSPCA compound in Queanbeyan.

Toy dogs have much sense; evolution has made them for beauty and fight avoidance. 

That's not to say all people with PTSD are like me. Some people, especially those who had intensive exposure treatment, overcome the triggers of noise and crowds and lead normal firework-loving lifestyles with PTSD under firm lock and key. 

That might be me someday. Apart from the cockatoo—and it was only a light sudden panic moment when it sprayed me with a sonic attack—I've gotten better at handling sudden and unpleasant noise. I handled walking past a lead blower, for fucks sake.

But a fireworks night with all of that is, for now, a Mikey sound bridge too far.

I suppose I can go out when they go off, to see if I can see them from 10 kays away. If I do I'll have to give a commensurate-sized vocal response of "ooh" and likely  "ahh".

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