Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Nipple work

Exhibit A
The black cat sits upon my raised knee when I'm on the couch. From her seated position sometimes she tries to lick my nipple. I'm guessing it is because I wear thin shirts and my nipple protrudes enough to draw the eye ... and tongue. It is genuinely unsettling.

Exhibit B
I was taking a plate to the kitchen when I bumped into the fridge and the plate jammed into my nipple---like right into it. It fucking hurt.

Exhibit C
I told theboy about Exhibit A and so he immediately tried to do it too. Deeply unsettling. The blame is on me for saying it and not recognizing how he'd receive that through the lens of his evil sense of humour. It's like that time I told him about when he jabbed me in the belly button with his finger and he near instantly recreated that scene by jabbing me in the belly button with his finger.

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