Friday, March 03, 2017


Trump and Co. attempting to govern is like 16-year-old me learning to drive in the front paddock in the mini and my nearly driving it into the dam. My father's angry panicked reaction putting me off ever wanting to learn to drive with him again---and ditto for him.

I had a look at a righty's blog the other night---all filled with ad hominem anti-Obama attacks. Like no complaints on the substance of what he did but just vague, ill-defined hate and which indicated a lack of concept about how government works.

You see it with Trump himself and his beyond witless statement that nobody knew how complicated health care could be. A statement only possible if you'd had your head stuck up your arse for the entire run of Obama's presidency.

Government is the hardest thing to do right because everybody's life depends on it. All the markers for human happiness and prosperity are dependent on the quality of the institutions that bedrock civilisation.

So when a grasping man baby steps over the body of an accomplished technocrat then declares "it's complicated" on first brush with actual responsibility for others it is somewhat gobsmacking.

But then I spent my adult life deep within the machinery of state so I have the experience and ability to know how government does and should work.

Trump spent his life ruling as a king and the only engagement he had with government was in his family's attempts to suborn it. Now he is the government.

Probs save us all.

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