Thursday, March 23, 2017

Chickens—a life first

As noted I like to feed our chickens Pringles; they like them and I like how they like them.

I tried to frisbee throw a Pringle to near the scruff, for her feathers cloud her eyes making it difficult to see Pringles further away, but my lame throw, wind and the design of the Pringle all led to the Pringle getting stuck in a tree.

It would likely come down from the wind in a short time but I wouldn't have had the enjoyment of seeing them go for it. 

So I got a rake and knocked the Pringle from the tree.

I am pretty sure that is a life first—I can't recall any other time I've knocked a Pringle from a tree with a rake or, indeed, any potato-based snackery from any foliage with any form of gardening implement. 

Plus I got to see the chickens go for the Pringle.

The scruff, alas, missed out. Her vision is clouded and her agility low. The browns, on the other hand, move like, and have the temperament of, velociraptors. If they were bigger I'd fear for my junk.

Chicken ownership; I don't do any of the hard work so it's all just enjoyment. 

And they afford me the pleasure of occasional life firsts such as pronging a Pringle from an overhead tree. 

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