Thursday, March 30, 2017

Chicken fairness

As much as the sight of a brown chicken running at speed with a Pringle shard in its mouth delights me I realised the current Pringle distribution system was unfair since the scruff chicken always missed out.

So, being the good technocrat I am, I redesigned distribution. Instead I crumble the Pringles in my hand and spread them in a line in front of the fence on their side. The scruff, whose plumage obscures her vision, is able to see the multiple yellow shards against the dark brown yard and actually get in there and get some. 

Of course the big chicken still repels interlopers from Pringle crumbs when the crumb level drops low. I can't change that without actively suppressing big chicken so my system is not foolproof.

But at least the Pringle crumb wealth is mostly fairly distributed and they all get some. 

Some, however, get more than others. 

I guess that's regulated capitalism for you; there's always going to be a bigger winner.

The important part is that it's regulated; natural instinct channeled for the greater good.

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