Thursday, March 30, 2017

Big yellow bike

I got a big yellow bike. It had to be big to take my ample frame. It means I now have transport to the shops and people's houses nearby where before I had to walk (too painful) or catch the bus (irritating).

I had to get help with the controls and I half expected her to hang on to the side with a lit cig dangling and control it for me.

It has electo-mechanical assist which is a good fit for me since I am part machine. We are technically sympatico.

I can't ride it yet. The helmet we got (large) was too small for my head (extra large) and knowing my propensity to fall over or drop things wearing a helmet when wielding an extra hundred kilos of rubber and steel is a safety must.

Hooray for mobility regained. I look forward to excursions and pleasure rides.


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