Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Yay, birth control!

I was watching ABC news when I realised all three presenters were women and that they were women was incidental. As in it was completely normal and unremarkable.

Except it is remarkable because up until effective contraception became available women were shackled by their uterus to being at home.

My mother was one of these women who could launch herself into the world for a career on her terms and only accepted marriage on her terms. She could do that because she could be a young woman not shackled to likely pregnancy.

The idea that anyone would suppress the ability of women to control when they had children is just bonkers in a first world nation. But there are those creeps out there who for some reason think that women having access to birth control is a violation of the natural order.

Well, so is electricity and anti-biotics and I suspect even a fucknard like Rick Santorum, who does not believe in women determining what happens to their body, has used both.

Women are now the majority of university graduates and instead of going to college with a cultural expectation they would meet a mate they go to power their mind and life-path.

Of course I would not be here had effective birth control been in place three generations earlier as I had a great-grandmother that had 20 children and I am a descendant of her youngest child. 

But given the misery of constant pregnancy and child rearing, risk of death in childbirth before germ theory and the grief of losing children to illness she'd have been on the chemist like a hungry dog the moment the pill came out. Especially by kid three.

My mother ended pregnancy chances with tubal ligation after her third child; she didn't discuss it with my dad. She booked it and had it done.

Because no one was going to tell her what she could do with her body; and nor should have anyone.

Yay, birth control!

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