Friday, February 10, 2017

Took one for the environment

It's hot as fuck in the nation's capital and today I did a load of washing. But instead of using the dryer I hung the clothes on the line as there was a plea not to overburden the system with excessive leccy use lest it cause a brown or blackout.

I use a dryer because I am short and I have a pain-wracked body. Hanging washing is semi-difficult and mildly painful.

But I took one for the team, though not really for the environment; more social environment than nature---to help avoid blacking out parts of Canberra by not using leccy I did not have to.

Mother Nature got me back though. After a dip in a wading pool I changed into sun-dried clothes and they made me itchy as fuck. Maybe chicken dander from the pen or other some pollutant was wafted into the clothes but whatever it was it was an all over body itchy effort.

Well played, earth.

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