Saturday, February 25, 2017

Scared the ginger

I am an inventive cat, oratorically speaking. I can rant and rave (alone) effectively and with great passion for hours at a time if my steam has built and I am in a safe place to blow.

I just slipped into it and was building in volume when I saw the ginger cat lift its head from its nap and look into my angry face with deep concern. 

I felt bad; I forgot about the cats. They don't need to see an angry combo of fat, muscle and hair storming about the place yelling with precision diction about the woes that have befallen him. 

I wonder if Hitler had that problem? If he lapsed solo into one of his infamous four hour hate sermons and forgot he had a cat in the room. 

"UND KILL THEM ... oh nein, mein kitty, come to Addie..."

I'm using Hitler because he is the go-to staple of angry speechifying. I bet in his time he went through a dozen lecterns from emphatic fist pounds in addition to all those hearth rugs he masticated whilst in a drug-enhanced psychotic state—untreated bi-polar fueled anti-Semitism and amphetamines a good combination do not make.

One of the fun facts that came out about Trump was that he's not a big reader; as in he doesn't read books. He watches TV.

The other tidbit was that Trump had a copy of Hitler's speeches on his bedside table for years. Which means when he did read, and it was probably months or years between visits, he was reading Hitler's speeches. 

Hitler came to office with not-much-support. Then he declared "an emergency" and gave himself unfettered power by combining the posts of president and chancellor—the former had the ability to sack the latter and even at his most-nuts Hitler was never tempted to sack himself.

It's fucked shit like that which has me worried. Plus he's even got the weird hair thing locked down. Hitler had the Charlie Chaplin mo and right-side part and Trump has his fantastical creation that is likely assisted by plundered exotic animalia or ozone death in a can.

Angry speeches and distinctive hair are canaries in the dictatorial coalmine—along with singling out minorities for oppressive attention.

The future does not make for good. We lost "No Drama Obama" for "Total Drama Trump"—with the latter barely reading and if he does it's by Adolf H.

Probs save us all.

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