Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Once more with feeling

I did another "in the public" performance piece. It went okay. But then I was followed by someone so awesome I thought instantly "she's won it".

And she did. 

I like that my assessment chops are good enough to pick a winner. 

I was pissing sweat on a humid night but once I was done my body re-synced and the sweat went away thanks to the cool of air-con.

Until I then stepped back out into the hot humid night. Now I am pissing sweat again.

Thanks a lot, sultry Canberra evening.

UPDATE: I got to the venue early so played a game of pool. I started playing by myself but a young chef asked if I wanted a game so he joined me. We chatted about our lives. It was nice; I'd not chatted with a stranger in a while and the game took my mind off the task ahead. I then met a whole bunch more strangers and enjoyed meeting them too. Hooray for re-engaging and emerging once more into public spaces!

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