Tuesday, February 28, 2017

It's like living in an active monarchy

Whilst we're not Americans America casts a deep shadow and its now rocky governance affects all within. Which is pretty much the entire planet.

It's terrifying to go from sanity and technocracy to royal diktat with no basis in fact which is the governance model of Trump. He issues decrees from on high, has an obsession with an alleged denuded military and even has sychophantic courtiers watching him be king whenever he decides to show off his office to on lookers in one of his many golf clubs such as "ICBMs 101" which he recently performed for diners at his "Southern White House". And just like a king he moves his court from place to place but instead of that cost worn by a guest it falls upon the American tax payer ... which pays money to his clubs for the pleasure of his costs incurred.

It would all be a glorious satire were it not true.

Trump thinks he is a king. He has thought that his entire life; that he is deeply wonderful and society needs to bend their knee. Now he's "in charge" that conceit and way of doing business is the logline of his presidency.

A mad king surrounded by lickspittle courtiers whose grandiose concerns are removed from the populace. 

This is what it must be like to live under a monarchy where the needs of the aristocratic class must come first and where you have little influence on the direction of government.

The world has two years until the King Trump model faces its electoral political test in the midterm elections. We can only hope that the poor rise up to vote (if they can) to severely crimp the plans of this monster.

But as we've seen a week is a long time in politics and we have about a hundred weeks to go.

Probs save us all.

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