Friday, February 10, 2017

Duck gone

The evil duck went to a nice family who needed a duck. theboy nearly aborted the deal when he casually mentioned it was a psychopath but I don't think they heard him. Phew!

My nurse friend corrected me though when I'd called it that---the duck was actually a sociopath because that was its usual behaviour. A psychopath is someone in the grip of a violent delusion.

The duck was just one hundred percent mean one hundred percent of the time.

Later I went outside and just for a second thought I'd heard a soft quack---and after joking about hoping the new owners drove it back blindfolded so it couldn't find its way back.

It never seemed to sleep, that duck. Some nights I'd be out in the back yard at 3 am and there would be the duck, quacking with menacing softness as it rasped its beak back and forth along the mesh of the gate.

The chickens seem happier for its absence---and I'm enjoying the absence of their duck-induced terror screams.

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