Saturday, February 18, 2017

Black cat thunder thigh

The black cat was on my lap when a bolt of lightning struck close by. I had a moment to register the flash before the thunder peal shocked through us.

The cat was startled and fled and in the process dug in its claws for her thunder-stricken panic leap. Claws that dug into the meat of my thigh.

I think the sudden pain of the claw dig flooded my brain and prevented fight flight kicking in from the monstrous peal that blew through my head.

And they say a black cat is unlucky.

But, fuck me, while it didn't draw blood the claw dig hurt; I am wearing the thinnest of pants---ladies PJ pants---and it was just that thin slip of fabric that prevented blood dimpling forth.

What a lovely early afternoon present brought to me by the Mother N.

And nearly the number three from a one plus two.

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