Thursday, January 12, 2017

Why does he still have intro music?

I started watching the first 2017 Donald Trump press conference and when it came to Trump's turn to appear his intro music started up ... and kept going, cutting over his actual speaking after he got to the podium.

My immediate thought was "why does he have intro music?". Intro music on the campaign is part of that scene, but he's the president elect ... and he still has intro music. 

What kind of fuckstick has intro music when they're the actual next leader of the (free) world?

Then I realised I'd answered my own question.

UPDATE: If Obama had acted and spoke the way Trump had at his first President-Elect presser the outrage from the right would have been deafening—not answering the questions, riffing on how great he is and referring to himself in the third person. What an incredible display of double standards. 

But when you think might or fright makes right then you come up with recessive results like Trump.  

Probs wept. 

UPDATE2: All power to CNN's Jim Acosta who called Trump on his shit and said Trump's response was inappropriate. 

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