Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trump V Obama and Obama's records

Remember a simpler time when Trump was but a gleam in a fascist's eye?

Back in 2012, when Donald demanded Obama release his records (birth and college).

"Obama thinks he can just laugh off the fact that he refuses to release his records to the Americn public. He can't." (Twitter blast; November 2012).

The irony being of course Obama had no reason to supply those records for public viewing whereas every presidential hopeful in the last 40 years has provided their tax returns so as to show any potential conflicts of interest.

All that is except Donald J Trump. Who apparently is still promising to release them, now the election is over when that conflict of interest information risk has passed, but is still claiming he's waiting for the audit to be done.

Noting that this does not stop anyone from releasing them while under audit; even Nixon did that.

But Trump is worse than Nixon so to hold him to Nixon standards is a big ask.

How's that for a through the looking glass thing to write?

Probs save us all.

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