Saturday, January 21, 2017

Still here! Football code needs modification

Well Donald Trump hasn't killed us all—yet. The dark part of me wondered if Russia would attempt a decapitating first strike. 

So DJT owns the football with the button in it; which of course is actually a case and actually a card with an alphanumeric code for DJT to use to authorise nuclear weapon release. 

I hope they made the card terribly small so his tiny hands would take a while to grasp—to give him time to reconsider as his dreadfully small digits attempt to hold it—and that the code they selected includes whole phrases like "are-you-sure?" and "money-will-no-longer-work". 

I think the last one would be the one to rely on. Tell him nuclear weapons used (equals) no more money because what value does small bits of plastic paper have when civilisation collapses?

As for the environment they should point out that his hotels are at ground level near the sea and guess what's going to happen to them when climate-change-charged storms combined with gradual sea rise hit. 

That's how to handle DJT; cast everything in terms of how it will impact him personally.

He has no frame of reference beyond his life of astonishing privilege; threaten that and maybe he'll listen.

Probs save us all. 

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